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Effective, Efficient and Experienced Representation


Gary L. Cutler, P.C. provides effective representation in all commercial litigation and criminal defense matters.  

 Mr. Cutler was an anti-fraud prosecutor in the United States Attorney's office.  He also represented clients in civil and criminal matters in large New York law firms including representation of parties in the Ivan Boesky insider trading case and the Sunbeam and WorldCom financial frauds cases  

He has years of experience representing clients in state and Federal court on business litigation and criminal defense matters and before regulatory agencies.

Education and Experience


Mr. Cutler has an LL.M from Harvard Law School, and a J.D., M.A. and B.A. from the University at Buffalo.  

He has years of experience representing clients in business litigation on both plaintiff and defendant sides in court and in arbitration.  

Mr. Cutler also represents clients in criminal investigations, in criminal trials and in regulatory matters.  Mr. Cutler defends clients in white-collar and other Federal and state prosecutions including in such areas as Medicare Fraud, Antitrust, DEA violations, securities fraud and mail fraud.

Courts of Representation


Gary L. Cutler, P.C. represents litigants in all courts in New York and New Jersey.  

Mr. Cutler is admitted to the bars of the states of New York and New Jersey.  He is also admitted to practice before the Federal District Courts in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York and New Jersey and the Circuit Courts of Appeal for the Second And Third Circuits, as well as the Supreme Court.

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